Eyes on the Storm | Documentary Photography

A winter storm was swirling outside.  Maxim, fascinated by the snow, turned the armchair to face the window to keep his eyes on the storm.  I grabbed my camera from the desk to capture the moment.  The light from the window was hitting his face, illuminating it enough for me to capture the shot.  I loved how it threw light on the blue arm chair, provide slices of color to the dark room.

Eyes on the Storm


Shot with my Canon 5D Mark II, Sigma 35mm Art — ISO 2000 f/1.4 @ 1/2500 sec

Taken at the Timber Lodge Hotel in beautiful Lake Tahoe during a winter storm.

 Maryrose Serac is a Lifestyle and Documentary photographer servicing the greater San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide.  Visit Bamboo Leaf Studios for more information on prices on lifestyle family portrait sessions taken on location or in your home.

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