The He{ART} of Family

Last year, I made a change to the way I photograph families.  I spent a lot of time taking traditional portraits.  It got to the point where it wasn’t fulfilling.  There was something missing.  There was no heart or soul in it for me.

That was when it clicked.  I wanted my images to have heart.  What is it about your family that makes it special and unique.  I made the change to lifestyle photography to discover it. My photography not only captures you, they capture a story.

Naturally, I want to do the same thing for my ever changing family.  That is why I created a new series, The He{ART} of Family.

The He{ART} of Family

The Heart of Family focuses on the little moments that make up our family.  It shares the beautiful moments that come from our interactions.  It shares the story of today so we can reflect on them tomorrow.  Time goes by so fast.  Their faces change.  They reach new milestones and discover so many things about themselves.  In our every interaction, there is a story behind it.

The images and posts in this series will not only share the image but also share the story.  I’ll include snippets for why I captured the moment and my tips for how I captured it.  I hope the series helps you discover the little moments in your home.

You can also follow the Heart of Family on our instagram using #heartoffamily

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