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The day was winding down. Dinner was served. Laundry was piling up on the chaise lounge of our sectional. My computer was calling out to me to edit my latest portrait session.

As I walked into our room, I saw my son’s toes peeking up from my desk chair.

“No more work mommy”, he said and went on lounging at my desk, feet propped up in front of the computer screen. I couldn’t help but smile. No work it is kiddo. I get it.

It was a moment I had to capture though. I was drawn to how the light from the computer screen illuminated his toes. His toes wiggled as he enjoyed the moment, sitting in mommy’s red chair.  It’s not often he gets a chance to sit at the big computer.

My camera was sitting on the dresser so I snatched it up.  I wanted to capture the silhouette of his toes so I exposed off of the light to under expose the rest of the room.  The screen is bright in this image but I was okay with it in this case.  The light outlines his toes just right.  They looked so small in relation to the screen, reminding me how important it was to give him the attention he craves.  They’re only this small once, after all.

No More Work
Canon 5D Mark II & 50mm f/2.5 1/60

I had to get a shot of him from the side too.  His mischievous side knows that mommy’s red chair is a no no.  He turned his head toward me and gave me that sweet smile.  There certainly would be no work today.  We spent the rest of the evening spinning circles and flying like super man.  Another heartfelt moment before calling it a day.

Heart of Family
Canon 5D Mark II & 50mm: f/2.5 1/50

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