Rise to the Top – He{ART} of Family

It hasn’t gone away. That lurch in my chest as my kids tackle their fears, embrace their sense of adventure and build their confidence. My heart still skips a beat as I let them work through any challenge they face.

Even if it’s climbing to the top of the jungle gym at the park.

But I let them do it. I let them climb the ladders, leap the spaces and rise to the top. Then I smile at how much they’ve grown. I breathe a sigh of relief that they test their limits and always push through. It’s one of the best things about being a parent. They’re the moments I look for every day.

I love celebrating these accomplishments – big or small.  Each victory will lead to an even bigger one.  Every failure will be a new lesson to learn.

These feelings were in abundance during our latest trip to the family park and inspired this He{ART} of Family post.  With the rainy weather we’ve had, it’s been quite sometime since we’ve had a chance to visit.  And both kids tackled the opportunity with such great energy.

Rise to the Top

Magnolia Park

I stayed back and simply let them enjoy the moment.  Naturally, my camera was at the ready to capture some of those special moments.  This moment, in particular, was one to remember for me.  My daughter hasn’t climbed to the top of a ladder before (much to my relief).  Yet here she was, climbing to the top and enjoying the view.

Her little brother reached his own milestone as he worked his way across the “pads”.  It was fun seeing him tackle each one with more confidence.

Heart of Family

We ended the park visit at the climbing structure (jungle gym?) and I must admit, it was my favorite part.  The sun was just starting to set behind the structure, bathing the kids in a great golden light.  As my daughter made her way to the top, the sun cast a spotlight on her face and kissed her hair with gold.  How fitting!  What a great way to end her rise to the top.  Rise to the Top

As a side note, I’ve always been fascinated with her hair and try to capture it’s change over time.  She spent the first couple of years nearly bald so seeing it grow and graze her face in this photo captures a special moment for me.

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