5 on 5: A Wild Ocean

The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.

The feel of the sand in her toes has always called her – even as a baby.  She was always content to have the sun kiss her face and the sand massage her feet.  Every chance we get to go to the beach, we take.

This trip was a little different.  The rage of the ocean has made her nervous in the past.  She’s always sensed it’s power and kept away from the tide line.  On this visit to Seal’s Rock Beach, along the coastal trails of San Francisco, it was different.  I think she was channeling her inner Moana.  A part of me thinks she was waiting for the ocean to place a flower in her hair.

Wild & Fierce

Beachy Chic Toddler

But the water called to her today.  She wanted to feel the water on her toes.  She wanted to meet the sea as it glided up the sand, with waves crashing behind it.  I caught the moments of her facing her fear and then running in to meet it.  She has an energy and life inside of her that’s always amazing to watch.  Much like the ocean, she’s wild and fierce and learning to tap into it.  It’s a joy to see from where I stand.

The Wild Ocean

The Wild Ocean

The Wild Ocean
I love this 5 on 5 set because of it’s energy and movement.  I love seeing her play with the sea.  Check back in next month for another 5 on 5 set & check out some of the prior ones:




The Ocean is Everything


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