Family Fun: Wings Over Solano

Wings Over Solano, Travis Air Force Base

The family had a wonderful time at the Wings Over Solano event hosted by Travis Air Force base.  Families have the opportunity to board the large cargo planes for a day of exploration on the different military aircrafts on display.  The hangar are transformed into activity areas like face painting, rock climbing, putting greens and other fun activities for the kids.

Meantime, overhead, a variety of planes put on a show in the skies.  My son absolute love the speed and loops by the planes .  Tip: Bring ear plugs and head gear to help drown out the boom of the planes.  At this proximity, the power and sound is intense.

The highlight of the day is the exciting demonstration by the “Thunderbirds”.  The aerial maneuvers are amazing to watch over Solano County

Wings over Solano

Wings Over Solano

Wings Over Solano

Wings Over Solano

This little man was so happy to get his USAF jet.  He had the best day watching all of the planes and talked about them all weekend!

Tips for your Visit

  • Bring ear plugs and head gear to drown out sound
  • Carry in your lawn chairs for comfortable seating.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen.  You will be in an open space with an intense sun.  Even on a cloudy day, you can burn!  A hat is a good idea too.
  • Bring in a wagon to carry your chairs and kids.  There is plenty of room and very little crowding.  Plenty of families had wagons without it being cumbersome.  This is great for the end of the visit, when the kids are exhausted from a day of walking.
  • To avoid the traffic at the end of the Thunderbird show, watch the aerial show on the hood of your car.  While the crowds make their way to the parking lot, you’ll already be on your way!

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