How-To Hack For Dugout Bins And Name Tags

Organize Your Team Dugout

Check out my how-to/hack for how to take some simple dugout storage bins, and add some unique name tags for the players:

01. Choose a bin that you can mount a name tag on. I chose bins that had something I could wrap my name tags around. You can find bins at Old Time Pottery (similar to HomeGoods, etc.). I did not want to spend a lot on each bin, but wanted each bin to be sturdy enough. You never know what you are going to find at Old Time Pottery, but I got lucky the day I shopped.

02. Begin by making a name tag for each player. Decide how big each name tag will be. I simply used Microsoft Word to create my tags. Insert a shape (rectangle, circle, etc.).  Add your text into the shape for the player’s name. Choose a font that is fun, but still easy enough for kids to read. Insert the team’s logo. Hopefully, your league has a website where you can get a .jpeg, or similar file, of the team’s logo.

03. Print the tags in color if you can. If you can’t color print, it’s not too difficult to color the logo by hand. I hand colored my logos last year, and it was pretty easy, as there were only 11 name tags.

04. Cut out each name tag.

05. I used a rounded rectangle shape in Word, because I like the rounded corners. I just cut around that shape.

06. Mount each name tag on a background of color paper. I use card stock for it’s strength and durability. Choose a color that goes with the team’s colors for a little team spirit

07. Cut out each mounted name tag. I prefer rounded corner, so I used a rounded corner scrapbooking tool I have to round each edge.  Here’s a great one from Amazon: Round Corner Punch

08. Laminate each tag. It is worth laminating the tags, as they will be roughed up from usage.  Use a simple Laminating Machine and do it at home.

09. Cut out each laminated name tag. I prefer rounded corner here too, so I used my rounded corner scrapbooking tool again.


10. Decide where to hole punch your name tags in order to successfully mount them to your bin.

11. Punch holes in each name tag.

12. Choose how you want to mount each name tag to the bin. I chose to use small zip ties, as they are sturdy, and still small enough not to get in the way when I need to stack the bins up. I got my zip ties in the electrical supply aisle at Home Depot. They have small ties for this purpose. You may be able to find some cool, matching colors.

13. Mount each name tag to each bin.

14. Cut off the excess part of the zip tie. I was worried about that cut edge being sharp, so I hit each cut edge with a spot of hot glue to cover the sharpness. You could always use a tiny piece of duct tape too if you’re worried about it being sharp.

These are unique, durable bin tags that will hopefully last the whole season. The kids love seeing their names and their team logos. You can make similar tags for any sport. Teachers, you can use this idea in your classrooms. Parents, you can do this at home for a home organization solution.

Happy bin-tagging!


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