Mommy Hack: Tips to Hang Up Your Carpool Number

Tips to Hang Up Your Carpool Number

Ditch the baby clothes hanger! No need to stick your carpool number in your window anymore. Prevent your carpool number from sliding all over the dashboard!  Check out this fast, easy hack for how to easily hang up your carpool number.

01. I made the decision to laminate my carpool number this year, because I love to laminate! Last year, I did not laminate my number. So, I’ve done this hack both ways.


02. Choose “sticky back” Velcro that will blend in with your rear-view mirror. Most likely, this will be black. But, you can really use whatever color you want to.  I like the round pieces, but there are squares pieces too.  There are also strips, which you can cut to any size. I got my Velcro at a craft store, but they even sell these at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.


03. Using that piece of “sticky back” Velcro, stick it onto the back of your carpool number.  On your number, you want to stick the “rough” piece of the Velcro, not the “soft” piece.”  I also added a little bit of Gorilla Glue to the sticky back, to make sure it stuck to my laminated number. I did not use glue at all last year, and the Velcro still lasted the whole year.


04. On the rearview mirror of your car, find a flat spot in the front where you would like to attach your carpool number. Attach your piece of “sticky back” Velcro onto your rearview mirror. On your mirror, you want to attach the “soft” piece of Velcro, not the “rough” piece.


05. Surprise, surprise! I’m a neat freak about my car too!! I normally never like to stick anything onto my car. But, this tiny piece of Velcro is so small, it blends in so well, no one even notices or sees it. If you want to take it off one day, you can pretty easily peel the piece off. The sticky back is just sticky enough to hold the hanging number, but not so sticky that you can’t ever get the Velcro piece off again. If there is any sticky residue left over, you can wipe it off with hot water, or an alcohol pad.

06. The Velcro on my rearview mirror lasted all of last year, and I’m still using it this year. If you need to replace your piece, again, peel it off and wipe away any residue gently with hot water, or an alcohol pad. Then, you can attach a new piece.

There you go! An easy way to display your carpool number every day, without using a hanger, or sticking it on your window or dashboard.

You could try this same hack using “sticky back” magnet pieces too. I think that would work just as well. I prefer Velcro because it is lighter and easier to work with.

Happy carpooling!




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