Hello!  Thank you so much for stopping by A Mommentary Life.  The blog world has become such a wonderful place for me to meet people around the world and for me to have a place to share my own world.

I’m Maryrose.  I’m married to my best friend, #1 supporter and incredible partner, Mike.  I’m a mother to 2 wonderful children, Malia and Maxim.  Together they make up all that makes my world shine and provide me with the inspiration and the drive to capture life.  We live slap dab in the middle of Sacramento and San Francisco in Fairfield, California – Home of the Jelly Belly Factory.  The coast is a 45 minute drive in one direction and gold country in the other direction.  Our adventures are endless and are often captured in this blog.


This blog was originally intended to capture my life as a mother – the ups and downs, the learning and growing and the abundance of joy that comes with it.  I blog now to document our lives through photos – my Momography.  Mom + Photography.  It’s through photos that I can focus on the small details, freeze a moment in time in our ever changing world and to preserve the memories so that they can be reflected on in the years to come.

A Mommentary Life will also provide you information on local resources for families and kids, affordable ways to find family fun and parenting tips from myself and other mommies around the world.  I hope you become a regular visitor and enjoy the things we have to share.  In the meantime, here are some more tidbits to help you get to know me.

More Random Things About Me and My Family
My daughter thinks every day is a sunny day in Maui.
Island Vintage Coffee is the happiest place on Earth.
Let It Go is on repeat at all times of the day.
We love cows.
Turtles too.
My Maxim has his daddy’s gentle nature..
and “junk in the trunk” like his mommy.
Poker is his hobby.
Photography is mine.
The 49ers dominate our Sundays.
Maxim thinks everything with wheels is a choo-choo
I love the Food Network but can’t cook
I watch HGTV but would never tackle a home renovation project.
I dream of Maui Sunsets, Italian Gelato and boat rides along the shores of Lake Como.