Life with Maryrose

Maryrose is owner and photographer of Bamboo Leaf Studios, as well as the creator of A Mommentary Life.  View her collection of Lifestyle and Documentary photography of her family and life in Northern California.

Sacramento Lifestyle Photographer

5 on 5: Spring into Summer Fun

It's still Spring in Northern California but the heat is already blazing. Summer is bound to be hot, with us ...
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The Wild Ocean

5 on 5: A Wild Ocean

The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. The feel of the sand in her ...
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The Heart of Family

Max & Max – Heart of Family

Max & Max | The He{ART} of Family The doorbell rang and I looked up to see Maxim's feet disappear ...
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5 on 5: Tomatillos

Between photographing clients and chasing my kids around town with my camera, I love an opportunity to simply shot for ...
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Rise to the Top

Rise to the Top – He{ART} of Family

It hasn't gone away. That lurch in my chest as my kids tackle their fears, embrace their sense of adventure ...
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Almost 5

5 on 5: Almost 5

Almost 5 | 5 on 5 Photo Series It's hard to believe that it's almost been 5 years since you were ...
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No More Work Mommy | Photography

No More Work, Mommy | The He{ART} of Family The day was winding down. Dinner was served. Laundry was piling ...
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Color and Craft Table

The He{ART} of Family

Last year, I made a change to the way I photograph families.  I spent a lot of time taking traditional ...
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5 on 5 Project

The 5 on 5 Series

I'm excited to take on a 5 on 5 Series again in 2017.  The 5 on 5 series is a ...
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Reasons to buy your kid's school photo

Why I Order School Photos

I often get asked "Why do you order school photos when you're a photographer?' Well, there are a few reasons.  I ...
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France Escargot

My Foodie Journey through France

It's hard to believe that August is here.  It's even harder to believe that a year has gone by since ...
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Lifestyle Photography: Sunkissed

Sunkissed The trees are laden with fruit this summer.  After all the rain we got during spring, the plants were ...
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