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Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Ditch the lemon! It's not doing anything!! Here's an easy way to clean your garbage disposal: Does your garbage disposal ...
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For the Love of Laminating

The Laminator--"I'll be back...Right back here laminating!" Am I the only person who is obsessed with laminating?  I used to ...
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Cleaning Your Fridge

The Big Chill: Cleaning Your Fridge

Tips for Cleaning Your Fridge How often you clean your refrigerator depends on how often you NEED to clean it ...
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Magazine Bins

Pantry Storage with Magazine Bins

Do you need a way to organize your pantry?  Here's an easy idea for pantry storage - magazine bins! As ...
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Toilet Talk: Tips for Cleaning Your Toilet

Let's talk toilets, potties, Johns, loos, porcelain thrones, you get the idea.  The fun stuff! Cleaning the toilet does not ...
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Arts and Craft Supply Gift Ideas

Arts and craft supplies make great holiday (and birthday) gifts for kids.  They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find ...
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Halloween BB-8 Pumpkins

A Star Wars BB-8 Pumpkin for Halloween

Create a Star Wars: The Force Awakens, BB-8 Pumpkin for Halloween (Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means compensation ...
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Display Your Hats on a Hat Wall

DIY: Create a Hat Wall

Do you and/or your family have lots of hats around the house?  Are you on hat overload?  My son has ...
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Tips for Cleaning your Front Entry

Make An Entrance: Tips for Cleaning your Front Entry

The appearance of your home's front entrance if often overlooked and neglected.  Whether you live in a house, apartment or ...
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Abernathy Greenway Park

Abernathy Greenway Park – Atlanta, Georgia

I learned about an "art installation" playground, or "playable art park," in the metro Atlanta area where we live.  I knew ...
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Organize your closet

Spring Cleaning Project-Clean and Organize Your Closet

Cleaning And Organizing Your Closet One great Spring cleaning project, is to clean and organize your closet/s.  If you do ...
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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Project: Cleaning Shelves

Cleaning Shelves With Many Items On Them If you have storage shelves, book shelves, or other shelves, cleaning them can ...
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